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Kit and Ream Carson

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Church and Mud Run

Where to start?
How about growing our youth group and the children's church.
Lack of volunteers and funding have been drying up the church in our village.
Only 5 children that were not our were attending youth group. Children church does a little better.
The once huge numbers have dwindled because people have not cared or do not have time.
The day I went the paid youth leader did not show up and I was told often dose not show up does not participate in the worship or planning.

Our children clean the church, play worship and teach when others don't show.
So when I found out about it we took advantage of our volunteer being here and asked her to teach the next Sunday. We invited our growing English classes to service next week.
We played games, sung and gave out snacks. That Sunday youth group grew over 50 new children. It was really encouraging for our kids to see such a quick turn around from their efforts. They learned if they want something done do it themselves and do not wait on others. I think the youth group will be more successful ow they know they are responsible for it's growth.
Children's church.

Beginner English, Averages 40 children not today though.

1 of 2 elementary English Averages 40 children in
each class.

ChanChow with his chickens.

Tate with his hen and chicks or as I like to call them Chicken nuggets.

We eat Rachana's chicken this week, it was really, really tough.

Nygn and her hen.

So we had a pretty large Birthday party this time. Courtney provided a lot more this time wanting to show the kids that God can give them more than they ask for, also that he give us life abundantly.
So the idea was in the morning the kids got a snack which was a lot of fruit and candy.
Tong was quoted saying "mom what do I do my plate is to small?"

A couple B-days ago I made hats for the B-day kids, this time it was just a special card.

Lots of games.

Courtney put some sort of face beads on the girls. Kind of cute.





This is a traditional Khmer game kind of like musical chairs.
This was new for us. Fill the cup with water using a spoon while the staff holds the cup on their head.

A lot of fun with the kids I think a lot of them missed the cup on purpose.

So our pond was dry ready for repair but 8 inches down under the crust it was thick and muddy. To me this equals fun. So I spent the day before pulling back the dry crust leaving an 8x8 foot pit of slug open for it's prey.

Next day Birthday last game was the Mud Run.

A short run around the yard, around the light pole,

down across the finish line which was placed just after the pit. Many of the children did not know the pit existed.

Vuthy leaps in and is heavily bogged down.

Young tries to make his jump further, but comes up short.

Vuthy with the black shirt on thought he would be first but his weight said no. Buried up past his waist Young scrambled on by, while Vuthy was like two inches from touching the tape.

You can see Vuthy's hand so close.

Back to the left is Tate in the yellow.

Next Tate is crossing the finish line before Vuthy who by now was kind of disappointed.
Vuhty comes in third.
But if you back up 3 photo's, my pictures catch Young and Vuthy cutting the light pole making Tate first place.

Nite just could not do it. A quote from Ice Age came to mind I said "come on Nite you can play extinction later"
Back in for a photo and more fun.


Long was completely covered head to toe. Courtney helped him wash his face before he jumped back in.
Tate and Sam
Samrang with the Mohawk Tee with the bald look
I think Young's look might be considered Crow indian I know I have seen that on TV.
Rachana with the I'm uncomfortably finished for the day.

So back inside cleaned up ready for diner was shrimp, clams, steak and salad.

Later on was a lot of cake. They did not like the pumpkin pie that much. They ate more banana and carrot cake instead.
So Tate, Tong, Own, Kyo, Nune, Rosa and Peaktra had their birthday's this quarter.

Kyo turned 13.
Nune turned 12. Lim like;s Nunes doll more than she does.
Peaktra our youngest turned 6, his gift drew the most attention.
Tate turned 14
Tong turned 12.

Own turned 14 and Rosa turned 8.

So a really long day with lots of food and fun. Which really it all translates into love. We love the kids and days like these. Each birthday there are memorably moments and laughter.

I was telling Courtney when I see some of these picture of like Tong or Tate smiling and laughing I can hear it. I know the sound they make when they laugh and I love it. It is a shame time passes and kids grow up but am thankful for the time we have with them.

I am grateful and extremely bless for them to have called me Daddy for a time.

I wish you could all spend a month here, I really, really do.